To get the best possible reproduction, it is always best to photograph an oil or acrylic painting before you varnish.  If your already past that stage, don't worry,  it is possible to get a great photograph of your work, we have techniques that will achieve this.


The Reproduction is a direct reflection of the capturing of the original image, we pride ourselves on capturing the absolute best image of your work and take the extra time and care for each individual piece.


If you have a transparency or digital file of your work, examine the file or transparency for accuracy.

What Edition Size should I do?

Depending on the size of the original, many artist's create multiple editions of a single image.  You might have a full size edition print, a medium sized edition and a gift item size.  For example, if you have an original that is a large painting, 32" x 48"  a good starting point would be:


32" x 48"  Edition Size   75

16" x 24"  Edition Size 150

  8" x 12"  Open Edition


This allows you to market your work at different pricing structures.  You can sell either paper or canvas prints in each edition, depending on what the clients preferences.

Gift items also allow you to reproduce greeting cards, which are a great way to advertise and market your work!

Should I do Canvas or Paper

Canvas prints are a very popular media.  Canvas prints can be gallery wrapped, this can eliminate extensive costs in hanging the work because you eliminate the matting and framing.  The canvas print is a finished product that can be hung without glass or matting and framing.  You would have to stretch or have the canvas print stretched which is considerably  less expensive than framing a paper print.

If you are doing shows, a stretched canvas print is much lighter in weight and easier to transport than framed glassed prints.


Some images are just better on paper!

If you are a pastel or watercolorist, you just might want to put your reproduction on a media that represents the work more accurately.  Our fine art papers will do just that!

James Cline